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Unsuspecting Local Horsemanship Instructor Makes It Big As A Fantasy Author

People were stunned Saturday, November 10th at the explosive response to local author Bailey Davenport’s debut novel release.

“I never expected to make it this far,” Davenport said. “Just holding a bound copy in my hands is more than I’d ever hoped for.”

Davenport developed a love of writing at a young age. She started her novel, “Eilinland: Through the Wall”, nearly seven years ago. She says the project took a long time because it was moved to the “back burner” throughout college and planning her wedding.

The book was officially released at 11:00 a.m. EST on November 10th, 2018. Within the first few hours, the book was already ranked #84,614 overall in the Kindle Store, and #65 in Kindle Store>Kindle Ebooks>Literature and Fiction>Religious & Inspirational Fiction>Christian>Fantasy.

The book’s overwhelming success might be partially due to Davenport’s marketing efforts on social media. A post was boosted shortly after the book’s release, and the post had surpassed thirty likes within two hours. The page’s post-like record had been fourteen likes prior to the boosted ad.

When asked for her opinion on the relation between the boosted post and the book’s success, Davenport had a surprising answer.

“Honestly, I think [the book’s success] is due more to my support network,” she said. “I’ve had the help and support of countless friends, family members, and amazing people I’ve connected with through the writing community online.”

When asked what she plans on doing with all of her earnings, Davenport shared that she doesn’t know exactly how much revenue she’s made at this time because there is a 24 hour delay before sales show up on her amazon author dashboard.

“Based on the information I have from the preorders though, I think I’ll have enough for my husband and I to go get coffee,” she said. “Maybe even Starbucks coffee.”

If you want to find out more about Davenport and her book, she is online at, facebook and instagram as @baileydavenportbooks, and on amazon at


Bailey Davenport reported from Howell, MI. This article appears nowhere else with no alternate titles anywhere on the internet or in print.

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evrythngspolitical487  I can’t believe someone can make it big as an author and only afford to go get a coffee. This is a great example of exactly what’s wrong with our society, corporate America, and the government.

internet_trollz  this is fake

yup0stc0mm3nts  @evrythngspolitical487 no one wants to here your opinions plus internet debates are a waste of time.

distracted.creep  hotttt

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