Introducing “The Severed Islands”

At long last, I am pleased to announce the title of my new fantasy series: The Severed Islands!


I started the project in May and have now put countless hours into plotting out the series (four books if all goes according to plan), worldbuilding, writing, rewriting, etc., and am thrilled to now have this beautiful title font designed by Esther Licata.

The World

The working draft of the map

The series will take us into a brand new fantasy setting of four islands where the Noykur rebellion aims to wrest control of the Severed Islands from the Minvithil regime, a nation teeming with powerful magi and indisputably in control of the ocean through a brutal sea creature.

One Noykur rebel, Asper Kujoh, strikes out on a quest into enemy territory to find ancient writings which could be the key to her enemies’ downfall.

What’s New

For fans of my debut novel, Eilinland, here are a few notable differences you can expect in the new series:

  • Seafaring – I have always found open water so inspiring and find tales of pirates or sailors particularly captivating, so it seemed natural to start a series set on a group of islands. The ship we’ll spend the most time on is Su Parakathae (“The Dexterous” in the Klar Filvath language).
  • Magic – While I never really developed a magic system for Eilinland, the closest thing being Aenin’s fire abilities, The Severed Islands has a sort of destructive energy that certain people are able to harness and use as weapons or shields. I’ve gone as far as developing a spreadsheet to keep track of damage and health mathematically so that it’s consistent.
  • More! – The world is more developed, the cast of characters is much larger, and there are more layers to the plot. I can also see a notable improvement in my writing style over the past few months.


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for updates! My goal is to release the first book in 2020!

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