UpdateThe Severed Islands

Home of the Klar Filvath Language

In Progress: Book 1, Draft 1 – 30.0%

On a group of islands full of ancient secrets and present-day challenges, the Common Ascendency fights for their freedom against the oppressive Minvithil nation. While their enemies are armed with sorcery and control the ocean with an impressive aquatic beast, one rebel soldier believes the key to the nation’s downfall may be in the archives in Jun, the Minvithil capital city.

Eilinland: Through the Wall

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A Wall with One Door. A Quest with One Clue.

Paperback: $12.79    Ebook: $4.99

Four warriors of Southern Eilin receive a vision: a young girl locked in a cell. But before they can even begin their journey to go find her, their plans are complicated by an unexpected addition to their team.

Trust is tested and allegiances questioned as they get closer to unraveling the mystery of the captive girl. It will take all of their strength and focus to overcome the powers they fight against and make it home alive.