The Magian Language

IMG_7412Magian (Klar Filvath) is believed to be the language of ancient sorcerers in the world of The Severed Islands series. While I’m sure the language is going to be a lifelong project, here is what I have so far. I’ll be updating the following pages frequently as the grammar and lexicon develop.

For a quick overview and short story recording, check out this YouTube Video.


According to legend, seven sorcerers have ruled the planet of Dorth (Mro) since the beginning of time. The language belonged exclusively to them and their Land Wardens, spirit protectors of the islands scattered throughout the globe. Little was known of the language until the puzzling emergence of humans with some limited magical abilities shortly after the colonization of the Severed Islands. The first man to discover his magical abilities, Hulfath Kahlaerin, was soon after able to interpret ancient texts and speak fluently in Magian. Both his powers and the language have been passed down through his descendants ever since, the language maintaining its rough and primitive nature as underuse and cultural elitism stifled its development.

Presently, it is used by magi in private meetings or any other formal gathering. Several Magian phrases and idioms have worked their way into the common language of the Severed Islands as well.