Klar Filvath Grammar

Word Order

  • Subject – Verb – Object
  • Noun – Adjective
  • Preposition – Noun
  • Possessee – Possessor
  • Auxiliary – Lexical


  • For nouns ending in a vowel, the final vowel sound becomes an /o/. (Mina becomes Mino)
  • For nouns that already end in an /o/, the /o/ sound is changed to a /u/ sound. (Taelko becomes Taelku)
  • For nouns ending in a consonant, an /o/ is added after the consonant. (Tokash becomes Tokasho)


  • Past: Verbs ending in a vowel receieve a +l. Verbs ending in a consonant receive a +il.
  • Present: Unmarked
  • Future: Verb is preceded by the auxiliary verb shra.