Klar Filvath Sound System


Here is a simple phonetic inventory. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the symbols, you can look them up at this interactive IPA chart.


Stopp  t k 
Fricative f, vθ, ðs, zʃ, ʒ h
Nasalm  n   
Liquid   l, ɾ   


 FrontCentral Back
Closei u
Mide o
Open a 


Syllables consist of a mandatory onset (they must start with a consonant or consonant cluster) and a rhyme where diphthongs are typically not allowed but codas are, with some restrictions. Where c=consonant, v=vowel, and optional sounds are enclosed in parenthesis, the structure of the syllable could be represented as follows:

c (c) v (c)

The first consonant can be any sound from the chart above, the second, if present, can only be a liquid, the vowel is any one vowel sound (again, no diphthongs), and the final optional consonant can be anything other than a stop or /h/.

Stress System

Stress is always on the first syllable.