Worldbuilding Basics – Names

I used to have such a hard time coming up with new names for characters, locations, and the like; it seemed like a haphazard process of jumbling sounds together, hoping to stumble across something that was the right balance of other-worldly, yet familiar, as well as compelling and original. I have more recently discovered several tricks and methods which take a lot of guesswork out of the process, and I wanted to share them to both help any other author who is struggling like I did and simply because I find the subject fascinating.

I’m Giving Myself a Creative Writing “Degree”

I’ve been thinking recently about going back to school to study English, but I have a hard time justifying the hassle it would be to transfer credits from the community college, figure out financial aid and/or pay a ton of money, and the stress and anxiety that goes along with homework and deadlines.

Why I’m Starting a New Series

Discovering self publishing really pushed me to take writing more seriously, and that was when I really got into studying books at a new level. I started detecting patterns and have learned so much. There are so many elements that I feel like I missed in my first book that I’m so excited to integrate.

Worldbuilding Basics – Fantasy Creatures

Whether you’re a reader, writer, or both, if you do anything in the realm of fantasy, you’re likely a big fan of the creatures that come along with the genre. For me, it’s one of the biggest draws. As I’ve been continuing forward in my series, I’ve taken a closer look at the creatures found…

Resources for Indie Authors

What I’ve Learned about Self-Publishing I’ve had several people wondering about my writing journey. Friends and family members are often surprised when I talk about how easy it was for me to publish Eilinland, and I occasionally get a question here and there from fellow authors about the particular route that I took and how…