Introducing “The Severed Islands”

The series will take us into a brand new fantasy setting of four islands where the Noykur rebellion aims to wrest control of the Severed Islands from the Minvithil regime, a nation teeming with powerful magi and indisputably in control of the ocean through a brutal sea creature.

One Noykur rebel, Asper Kujoh, strikes out on a quest into enemy territory to find ancient writings which could be the key to her enemies’ downfall.

I’m Giving Myself a Creative Writing “Degree”

I’ve been thinking recently about going back to school to study English, but I have a hard time justifying the hassle it would be to transfer credits from the community college, figure out financial aid and/or pay a ton of money, and the stress and anxiety that goes along with homework and deadlines.

Why I’m Starting a New Series

Discovering self publishing really pushed me to take writing more seriously, and that was when I really got into studying books at a new level. I started detecting patterns and have learned so much. There are so many elements that I feel like I missed in my first book that I’m so excited to integrate.

Resources for Indie Authors

What I’ve Learned about Self-Publishing I’ve had several people wondering about my writing journey. Friends and family members are often surprised when I talk about how easy it was for me to publish Eilinland, and I occasionally get a question here and there from fellow authors about the particular route that I took and how…

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and thank you for all of the love and support throughout 2018! It was definitely another red-letter year, and not the kind of red letters you don’t want to see when you get your school projects back or look at your accounting records. I’ve had those kinds of red-letter years, too. Anyway, here’s…

Breaking News

Unsuspecting Local Horsemanship Instructor Makes It Big As A Fantasy Author People were stunned Saturday, November 10th at the explosive response to local author Bailey Davenport’s debut novel release. “I never expected to make it this far,” Davenport said. “Just holding a bound copy in my hands is more than I’d ever hoped for.” Davenport…